“Hidden Holocaust: One priest searches to uncover the unknown victims of the Holocaust” – 60 Minutes (CBS)

“He is not a historian, or a detective or a Jew. He’s a French Catholic priest named Father Patrick Desbois. And for the past 13 years, he has been tracking down the sites where many of the victims lie and searching for witnesses who are still alive; many of whom had never been asked before to describe the horrors they had seen more than 70 years ago.”

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“A Priest Methodically Reveals Ukrainian Jews’ Fate” – The New York Times

“They live today in rural poverty, many without running water or heat, nearing the end of their lives. So Patrick Desbois has been quietly seeking them out, roaming the back roads and forgotten fields of Ukraine, hearing their stories and searching for the unmarked common graves. He knows that they are an unparalleled source to document the murder of the 1.5 million Jews of Ukraine, shot dead and buried throughout the country.”

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“Shedding Light on a Vast Toll of Jews Killed Away from the Death Camps” – The New York Times

“One man who sought out testimony for 12 years is the Rev. Patrick Desbois, a Roman Catholic priest from France who became involved after stumbling across Rava-Ruska, the location of a World War II prison camp in Ukraine for French soldiers where his paternal grandfather was interned.”

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“How Father Desbois Became a Holocaust Memory Keeper” – The Wall Street Journal

“Father Desbois is a generation too late to save lives. Instead, he has saved memory and history.”

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“A Priest Bears Witness” – Moment Magazine

“Father Desbois is on a mission to uncover the mass graves of nearly two million Jews. Sixty years after the Holocaust, time is running out.”

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“Exposing a hidden Shoah, one mass grave at a time”

“People who were present at the killings wanted to speak before they die. Many people were requisitioned to dig the mass graves, to fill them, to bring the Jews in horse-drawn carts, to bring back their suits, to sell the suits, to put ashes on the blood. Fifty different jobs,” Desbois said.

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“Ukraine Holocaust massacre presaged modern genocide”

According to Desbois, who has gathered testimony from about 2,000 non-Jewish witnesses in Ukraine, many saw signs of people being buried, badly wounded but still alive, in mass graves. “They made gestures moving their hands (up and) down rhythmically,” he said. “The ground ‘moved for three days’ from people dying or bleeding under the earth.”

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